An active childcare program designed for 12mths to 2 years

Our learning environment

Much of a toddler’s day is dedicated to learning through play. When they are not eating or sleeping they are usually engaged in play. We provide an environment for the toddler that supports their holistic development – physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional growth in this wonderful age.

The rhythm of the day

As a curious explorer who has possibly just mastered self-feeding, walking and other glorious milestones, your child will be encouraged throughout their day.

Our day includes a lot of play with transitions to allow for morning and afternoon tea, lunch and rest. We welcome communication with families to help understand each child and their individual needs and cues.

When a toddler feels safe, secure and respected, the most exciting growth happens.


The learning journey

Understanding each child, educators identify children’s interests and provide experiences in our studios and play environments that build on a child’s learning and development.
Exposure to language through songs, stories and group interactions fosters a wonderful sense of connection for our toddlers.

We encourage a child’s growing independence in simple ways, feeding themselves, putting their drink bottles away, solving problems, resolving conflicts, voicing their opinions and expressing their emotions.

Every part of each day is an opportunity for learning at Little Village.

Our Educators

The educator’s role in our Toddlers studios is to provide a safe, supportive and emotionally nurturing environment where children thrive. Educators use modelling to encourage healthy eating, self-care, self-regulation and independence.

In a toddler’s studio, we provide a ratio of one educator to four children.

We allow children to develop at their own pace and design a learning program for each child.