A holistic early learning program designed for ages 2-3 years.

Our learning environment

This age group typically likes to spend a lot of time doing things for themselves. We have the time, space and resources to allow children to figure out how their world works. We acknowledge the fact they are already so capable, it is an honour to give them the tools to understand how.

Each day, you can expect to see intentional teaching through:

  • Construction: creating and building
  • Messy Learning: sandpit, mud kitchen, gardening, water-play
  • Physical Play: riding, climbing, balance, running, jumping
  • Discovery: culture, science and the natural world
  • Language and Performing Arts: music, singing, drama, storytelling and puppetry
  • Expressive Arts: painting, printing, cutting, pasting, sculpture
  • Imagination: dressing up, role and pretend play
  • Quiet Places: puzzles, books, yoga and relaxation


The rhythm of the day

Consistency is the key for 2-3-year-olds. We provide a flexible yet predictable routine each day with opportunities for meals, rest and relaxation while stimulating their ever-growing minds.  We work in partnership with families to develop the next stage of their autonomy in toilet training and self-care.

Our learning journey

During this age a child’s world expands - they want to learn about themselves and the world around them. Language, social skills and imaginations are taking off!  Physically, a pre-kindy child is learning all kinds of new skills - running, jumping, climbing, hopping - sometimes at the same time.  We provide an engaging environment and program that supports learning through play at their own pace.

Our Educators

In our Pre-Kindy studio, we continue to develop warm, respectful relationships with the children in our care, providing a secure base that gives the confidence to explore and learn.

We provide a ratio of one educator to five children.