The arts in early childhood education

The arts in early childhood education

Written by Emma McGregor-Nissen

At Little Village Early Learning we value the role of the Arts in Early Childhood. The Arts provides an important platform of self-expression and exploration for young children. At Little Village we encourage children to explore the Arts through the Visual Arts, Craft, Drama, Story-telling, Literature, Photography, Singing and Dancing.

Through their exploration of the arts, young children build important cognitive skills. That includes the acquisition of problem solving, creative thinking, pre-reading and pre-writing skills. The Arts foster children’s language skills as they talk about their work, act out a favourite story or share in a musical experience. Children explore concepts of pre-numeracy and science via the Arts. They explore shape, line, colour and space. Children make predictions and test their ideas through their play and the Arts. They practice and master their sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills through the arts in a fun and meaningful way.

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The Arts allow children to take safe risks and build their confidence, as there are no limits to their creative thinking. At Little Village we will explore conceptual art, process art and craft. The children will solve problems, be innovative and think in new and exciting ways. They will engage all of their senses as they;

  • Smell the earthiness of the clay.
  • View, create and explore a spectrum of tones and colours while painting.
  • Feel warm fresh play dough squish through their fingers.
  • Hear the sounds of a wide range of music as they freely move their bodies in space.
  • Feel a variety of natural fibres as they weave and collage items collected from our local environment.

We look forward to nurturing your child’s creativity and passion for the Arts through our play-based program within our little village.

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