How to Connect at Little Village

How to Connect at Little Village

Little Village brings a whole new approach to childcare. We want to share our knowledge and keep you involved so your children can be supported in their most important years. This is a simple go-to guide to help you stay connected. 

Connect with our Management Team

Our Centre Director and Assistant Directors can assist you with enrolment inquiries, bookings, billing and general Centre information. Communication of a more serious nature, complaints or concerns should be directed to the Director.

There is a Parent Communication Book located at the reception desk in the Foyer. Please use this book to pass on messages if the reception is unattended. You can also contact the Centre at any time on 5445 6888.

Early morning and late afternoon, before or after our managers’ shifts, one of the Centre Educators is the nominated Responsible Person in Charge, indicated by the photo display above the reception counter. If there is an important message to be relayed or you need specific assistance with something, this Educator will be able to assist you.

Connect with your Child’s Studio and Educators

Arrivals and Departures
In your child’s Studio, we encourage you to connect with your Child’s Lead Educator and Educators each day. The names and photos of the studio team will be will be displayed on the sliding name signs near the door.  

It is our hope that you develop a genuine relationship with all of our team, especially your child's Educators. We have an open-door policy - you can spend time in your child’s Studio whenever you like. The team are always happy to share with you but if you would like a long or private chat about your child, it's best to make an appointment with your Child’s Group Leader or our Director.

If you are unsure of any of the practices or procedures in the studio, please ask the team to explain them to you.There is a Communication book where you can add notes for the Educators if they are out of the studio.

Our Daily Rhythms

Each studio will have a picture display which helps you and your child understand their day at Little Village. This will include, playtime, meal times and rest times, providing a predictable yet flexible rhythm to the day. We encourage spontaneity and progressive meals throughout our day to ensure the children's flow is not interrupted.

Parent Notice Board

Each studio has a large WHITE magnetic board where we post notices; our menu, health alerts, Educators roster, upcoming events, community happenings and other general information about Little Village.

connecting programming

Connect to your child’s Learning

Programming Board 
The BLACK magnetic board in each studio is for programming.This shows the current activities, ideas and interests of the children and helps make learning visible. Educators will use photos and stories to link to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) - the curriculum framework that underpins our programming.

A guide to the practices, principals and learning outcomes within the EYLF is displayed near the programming boards to assist parents with these concepts and terms. Each month the board is photographed and then added to a folder called Program Flow, so we can all look back, remember and reflect.

Daily Journal

All Studios will create an overview of their day through a "Daily Journal". These journals are created halfway through the day, usually at rest time. Our afternoon is often a chance to extend on interests and abilities which is then documented further through posts.
The Daily Journal is printed and posted on our program boards for any family members that do not have the app. Please take a moment to see what we have achieved throughout our day to share this in conversations on the way home with your child.

Studio Displays

Feel free to look around the studios and see our showcased learning. We always have a range of construction 'work zones', arts and craft, projects, and play spaces that are incredibly meaningful to the children and Educators. Ask questions, get involved and see if there is anything you can do to connect with these 'work zones'.

connecting visible learning

Connect through Technology

Xplor – on your smart devices

Our online communication App is used to keep the circle of communication open between our Parents, Educators and Management Team. We use it for capturing moments throughout the day and sharing them with you. We also share the rhythm of the day, such as meals, toileting and sleeps.
We encourage you to ‘like’ and post comments back. Feel free to post your photos or news from your family and we may use this for show and tell or to launch a new project in your child’s studio.
For example – Weekend adventures, milestones, holidays, extracurricular activities, achievements etc

Xplor - on your PC

Your Childs Online Learning Journal is available when you log into Xplor from your personal computer.
Our Educators will add to your child’s learning journal throughout the year. They may add photos, learning stories, examples of work and observations. They are a shared way for educators and families to see and understand their child’s experiences. They are also helpful in seeing your child’s progress towards learning or developmental outcomes over a period of time.

Social Media

Every month we email our enrolled families our Centre News, articles or events. If you prefer a paper copy please let us know. You can also read our website’s Blog or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We also have a Pinterest board.

Every month or so we email our Centre Newsletter with current events or articles. You can access back copies from our website. If you prefer a paper copy, please let us know. You can also read our website’s Blog or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We also have a Pinterest board.

connecting daily rythms

Connect to our Community

Throughout the year we will be holding parent events that you may like to attend. Your child’s studio may also organise an event, such as a Kindergarten Information Evening. We will notify parents via Xplor and Facebook. You are welcome at any time to spend time in our upstairs Parent’s Lounge, have a coffee or tea, meet other parents and read our literature.

Connect with your Child

Drop off and pick up can be a challenging time for a parent. With work and home schedules pressing, it can become a rushed and stressed time. Use this time as a few minutes of calm - read the journal, view the artwork and read the notices together. This is your child’s world for the day and they are always eager to share it with you.

We strongly encourage you to sit with your child and allow them to finish their work before leaving. This can foster a strong sense of belonging as they are able to see you enjoying the environment too!

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate in asking any of our team for help. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the connections between our Centre and your family, please also let us know.